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Visit Your Dentist in South Hadley Before the Year Ends

November 10, 2016

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Your dentist in South Hadley for preventive care.If you have not used your dental benefits or flexible spending account this year, you are going to miss out on an opportunity to receive affordable care if you do not schedule your appointment soon. Each year, your dental benefits and FSA accounts cover the costs of preventive care up to 100 percent. As the year ends, your benefits and funds will not carry over to the next year. Instead, you will lose your benefits and the opportunity to visit the dentist for little to no out-of-pocket cost. As your dentist in South Hadley, we are here to help you maximize your dental benefits for affordable care before the year ends.

Maximize Your Dental Benefits

Each year, you pay hundreds of dollars into your dental insurance or flexible spending accounts. If you do not use your dental benefits, you are throwing money away while missing the chance to visit the dentist. Your dental insurance and flexible spending accounts cover preventive and diagnostic visits.

Depending on your exact policy, your dental insurance is likely to cover the entire preventive appointment in full, including cleanings, checkups, and x-rays. Not to mention, if you have flexible spending accounts, you can use the funds to cover the deductibles and co-payments for these appointments. As a result, you can potentially pay nothing out-of-pocket to have your regular appointment with your dentist if you schedule your appointment before the end of the year.

Visit Your Dentist Twice a Year

It is recommended everyone over the age of two sees their dentist twice a year for regular checkups and cleanings. Semi-annual appointments are vital to maintaining oral health while preventing dental complications. With a regular cleaning, we can prevent gum disease and help ward off cavities, keeping future dental problems at bay. Not to mention, regular checkups allow us to diagnose dental complications while they are still small. This means a less invasive and less costly treatment will be needed by treating the problem early on.

Unfortunately, many people do not visit the dentist regularly. Often, finances are a leading reason people do not schedule their semi-annual appointments. Those with dental insurance and FSA often do not understand their coverage. As a result, they believe the care they need will not fit into their budget so they delay care. However, if you have dental benefits, you can visit the dentist twice a year without having to worry about outrageous out-of-pocket costs.

As your family dentist, Newton Street Dental will help you maximize your dental benefits to keep any out-of-pocket costs to a minimum. Now, you can schedule your routine visit while staying within your budget. You will protect your oral health while ensuring your dental benefits do not go unused.

As the end of the year approaches, do not let your dental benefits expire. Schedule your preventive appointment today to maximize your dental coverage. We will get you into our office before the end of the year while helping your save money with your dental benefits.

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