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Restorative Dentist in South Hadley Strengthens Your Smile

August 29, 2016

Filed under: Restorative Dentistry — drleigh @ 2:24 pm

restorative dentist in south hadleyWhat do you and an Olympian have in common? Maybe your dental crown, root canal, or extraction. A recent study of Olympic athletes found that 30 percent of those studied had suffered some kind of dental trauma. And these Olympians were more likely to have poorer dental health overall, including a higher rate for decay and infection. If you’ve experienced a broken, cracked, or severely decayed tooth, Dr. Leigh, the restorative dentist in South Hadley, is prepared.

Restorative Dentistry Rescues Damaged Smiles

Dental injury or decay may leave you avoiding chewing on a certain side of your mouth, or not wanting to smile at all. If that’s the case, you need restorative dentistry ASAP. Dr. Leigh and the Newton Street Dental team offer a list of services to return your smile to its good health. We come to the rescue with same-day crowns, bridges, root canal therapy, extractions, and dentures and partials.

Same-Day Dentistry: Just What It Sounds Like

CEREC, or chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics, allows Dr. Leigh to plan for, manufacture, and place your dental crown right here in our office. Crowns can hold together parts of a broken tooth, strengthen a weak tooth, restore a severely decayed tooth, replace a missing tooth, and more.

Traditionally, dental crowns require two visits to the dentist with weeks of waiting in between. But CEREC uses CAD/CAM (computer aided design, computer aided manufacture) technology to make same-day dentistry a possibility.

A dental bridge can also be placed in just one visit with CEREC in South Hadley. Bridges fill gaps in a smile using the surrounding natural teeth as anchors. Cowns form a literal bridge over the space in between.

Root Canal Therapy: Not As Bad As You Think

The most dreaded procedure in dentistry actually doesn’t deserve all the hype (sorry, root canals). The truth is, root canal therapy really isn’t that bad, thanks to local anesthesia and sedation dentistry. And a root canal is often the only way to alleviate your pain and avoid tooth extraction. Once the treatment is complete, you’ll enjoy a healthy, pain-free smile once again.

But if it’s too late for one of your teeth, or if a certain tooth just needs to go, an extraction may be necessary. Dr. Leigh provides safe, comfortable tooth extraction as needed.

Dentures and Partials: Completing the Package

If you are dealing with missing teeth or need to have several severely damaged or decayed teeth extracted, a full or partial denture completes your smile. Prosthetic teeth attached to a gum colored base, dentures restore your ability to eat, speak, and smile confidently. Dentures can be supported by dental implants in South Hadley, or not. You and Dr. Leigh will discuss your options to help you land on the one that’s best for you and your smile.

Contact Newton Street Dental and request an appointment to seek restorative care for your teeth today! Dr. Leigh provides quality crowns in South Hadley, bridges, root canals, extractions, and dentures.

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