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Choose an Alternative to Traditional Braces with Invisalign in South Hadley

June 23, 2017

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Get a straight smile with Invisalign in South Hadley.The appearance of your smile is a valuable asset to your confidence. Unfortunately, if you are like more than two-thirds of adults in the United States, you do not like how your teeth look. Among the largest complaints involves alignment issues. When you live with crooked, overcrowded, gapped, or rotated teeth, it is easy to feel self-conscious. Although you have probably considered braces in the past, the thought of visible and restrictive wires and brackets will only add to your insecurities. Now, you can choose a less noticeable and sophisticated treatment with Invisalign in South Hadley. You will get the straight, beautiful smile you have always wanted using the clear choice among adults.

Choose the Clear Choice

As an adult, you might need to maintain a professional image. As a result, you may not want to deal with the appearance of metal braces. Although they are effective, they are highly noticeable while also producing certain dietary and oral hygiene restrictions. Not to mention, you will need multiple appointments for adjustments that may not accommodate your busy schedule. Now, you can get the straight smile you have always wanted using a sophisticated and convenient approach.

Our dental office in South Hadley offers the ideal alternative you need. We create a series of clear aligners that are worn over your teeth, gradually moving them into their correct positions. The FDA-approved treatment is virtually invisible so you do not have to feel insecure.

You will wear each aligner in the series for about two weeks, at which point you can switch to the next one in the comfort of your own home. You do not need appointments for adjustments because no wires are used—perfect for your already busy schedule. However, you will still need to come into our office periodically so we can monitor your treatment. On average, you will have a confident smile in about 12 months.

While on your journey to a straight smile, you can still enjoy your favorite foods because the aligners are removable. However, you need to wear them for about 22 hours per day, only taking them out when eating, drinking, or caring for your teeth. Maintaining your dental hygiene is also easy because you do not have to clean around wires and brackets.

Overall, Invisalign is the ideal option for busy adults who do not want to deal with the appearance and restrictions of traditional braces.

Dentist Near Me in South Hadley

If you are ready to see if Invisalign is right for you, it is time to schedule your consultation with Newton Street Dental. Although the aligners can correct several bite and alignment issues, they are not right for everyone. We will ensure they are effective for treating your individual situation with a tailored treatment plan.

Stop feeling insecure about your teeth and start your journey to a straight smile. Contact Newton Street Dental to benefit from the most preferred orthodontic treatment.

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