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Dentist in South Hadley Explains the Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

June 1, 2017

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Your dentist in South Hadley provides consultations for wisdom tooth removalIn between the ages of 16 to 25, a third and final set of molars begins to erupt, known as the wisdom teeth. While many people do not have issues as they come in, it is not uncommon for complications to develop. One of the greatest problems to occur involves them becoming trapped inside of the gum or bone tissue. This is referred to as an impaction, and it is the leading reason more than 10 million are removed each year. However, the signs of the complication are not always apparent. As your dentist in South Hadley, Dr. Douglas Leigh provides the consultation necessary to determine if you need to have them extracted.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

Throughout evolution, the human jaw has become narrower. As a result, it is now more difficult for the wisdom teeth to erupt because there is often not enough room in the mouth to accommodate an extra set of molars. This often causes overcrowding or the teeth to come in tipped, tilted, or rotated.

In some cases, they may not be able to break through the gum or bone tissue because there is simply not enough room. They can be fully or partially impacted, which can cause serious complications to occur, such as infection. This can be painful, decreasing your quality of life. To restore your oral health and to stop the discomfort, they will need to be removed.

What are the Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

When the teeth are trapped in the tissue, you can experience a wide range of symptoms. Often, the gum tissue will become swollen and tender due to an infection. This can lead to pain, swelling around the jaw, and even bad breath. It is not uncommon to have a headache or jaw ache. Some even experience a foul taste when eating. Over time, the jaw may become stiff and the lymph nodes may become swollen.

It is important to have a wisdom tooth consultation during the teen years to monitor the eruption of the teeth. By doing so, Dr. Leigh can provide interventions to help prevent future complications, like impaction. If Dr. Leigh determines that it is in your best interest to have them removed, you will need a surgical extraction.

How are Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removed?

When the teeth are fully or partially impacted, they will need to be surgically removed. This involves opening the gum tissue to expose the tooth and then the surrounding gum and bone are removed. Then, the tooth is broken into pieces and each section will be removed with forceps. The tissue will then be closed using sutures.

Where Can I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Dr. Leigh provides the necessary consultation you need to ensure your wisdom teeth are erupting correctly. If he should find any complications, like an impaction, he may recommend that they are removed. He will refer you to a specialist for a safe and effective extraction procedure.

If you are having signs of a wisdom tooth impaction, contact Newton Street Dental today.

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