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Have a Missing Tooth? Dental Implants in South Hadley Can Help

December 16, 2018

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Every tooth in your mouth is vital to your oral health and functions. Not to mention, a complete smile is necessary to help you feel confident about your appearance. When even one is missing, it negatively impacts your self-esteem, your quality of life, and your oral health. Although it may only be one tooth, it is important to have it replaced as soon as possible. Now, you have multiple options to fill the empty space, including dental implants in South Hadley.

Stop the Complications of Tooth Loss

When you lose a tooth, you do not just lose the crown but the root as well. The missing root causes your jawbone to deteriorate because it is no longer stimulated. In as little as one year, its width can diminish by as much as 25%. This causes your natural teeth to lose support.

Over time, your adjacent teeth shift toward the open space, causing alignment issue. This makes your teeth harder to clean, which increases your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Not to mention, the changes can also affect your bite, making it difficult to chew or close your mouth correctly.

As more of your bone is lost, your teeth become loose and they may eventually fall out. Your facial structures also lose support, causing premature wrinkling and sagging of the skin.

To stop the complications of tooth loss, your dentist in South Hadley has the solution you need.

Complete Your Smile

Traditionally, a missing tooth is replaced using a bridge and crowns. A prosthetic tooth is designed to fill the space, which is held in place by attaching dental crowns to the adjacent teeth. While it is a convenient and effective treatment, it does not stop all the complications of tooth loss because it does not replace the root.

The only solution to replace both the root and the crown are dental implants. A titanium implant post is surgically placed into your jaw to act as a new root. This stimulates it to encourage new bone growth to stop a decrease in its density. By doing so, you can avoid the complications of tooth loss while also regaining the next best thing to your natural teeth.

Your jawbone fuses to the post to create a stable foundation for your replacement tooth, which is attached using an abutment that is connected to the post. It is designed to match the appearance of your natural teeth to blend in when you smile.

Unlike a traditional bridge, dental implants have over a 95% 10-year success rate. With the right aftercare, your new smile can last for a lifetime.

Enjoy a Confident Smile

You can invest in your oral health and your quality of life with a dental implant. Contact your dentist today to see if you are a candidate.

About Dr. Douglas Leigh

Dr. Douglas Leigh strives to provide advanced dental solutions to improve his patients’ quality of life. He offers dental implants to replace missing teeth. If you are ready for a complete smile, contact our office today for a consultation.

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