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Advanced Dental Technology

Digital X-Rays 

Part of our dedication to dental technology includes utilizing advanced diagnostic technologies like digital X-rays. Using these advanced technologies, we are able to diagnose oral health issues in the earliest stages. Digital radiography has a number of advantages, including:

3D Cone Beam CT Scanner

In addition to traditional x-ray images used to diagnose and plan treatment for a variety of oral health concerns, we have incorporated the use of state-of-the-art 3D cone beam CT scanning (CBCT) technology into our office. Unless you have visited a specialist for advanced treatments, it’s unlikely that you’ve ever seen a CBCT imaging system in a dental practice. However, we’ve chosen to incorporate this advanced technology into our office to improve the safety, precision, and comfort of complex dentistry services.

These 3D images of the whole smile or just specific teeth can dramatically improve the entire dental care process in our practice. We use CBCT scans as part of the diagnosis and treatment planning process for a variety of services, including dental implant tooth replacement, root canal therapy, TMJ dysfunction diagnosis and treatment, tooth extractions, and more. In order to provide diagnosis for obstructive sleep apnea and effective treatment plans, our CBCT scanner is used to give us a clear picture of the airway and the changes we can make to airway function using a custom crafted oral appliance.